Sunday, 19 February 2017


Currently the best programming language I have come across is the Wolfram Language, this is because of the level of abstraction it has been built to. While other programming languages like Java and C++ tie you up in the specifics of language design, The Wolfram language takes you far away from the specifics of any machine or language mechanisms and enables you deal with computation in a raw and unbiased form. Although the wolfram language still requires you to formulate problems in a way that is compatible with the standard computation works, it tries its best to free you from thinking about the specifics of how a particular problem should be solved.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Rise of Meta-Nations

Nations are like giant corporations that occupy a fixed geographical region. They exploit the resources of this region to benefit those who are resident within this area. In the near future, there will be meta-nations. Since every available space on earth has been divided and shared among various nations, the meta-nations of the future will be nations within nations. These new nations will span many geographic regions. They will be like the colonies of old, only that this time around, you will not need to annex an entire region, to rule it. Rather these new nations will legally purchase land within various existing nations and establish colonies within them.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

We do not exist in other Parallel universes

There are many Parallel universes or as I like to call them Time-Lines that occupy the same position as ours. Why I don't like using the term Parallel universe is because I think that this universe we occupy extends forever. Even though we can only see a small portion of it at the present time, it is not limited by our perception of it. If one keeps moving outwards, one will keep doing so for eternity even if one were to travel at the speed of light, one will never come back to the position from whence one started.

Your body is a 3D interface

Your body is a 3D interface of your identity. The Identity exists on another plane of abstraction beyond the body. It is what many have called a soul. Your body represents information from your identity with physical conglomerations of atoms.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Self-Learning is the future of Education

With AI looming in the background as a major threat to traditional jobs worldwide, speedily acquiring skills to build a personal portfolio of knowledge will the major way people learn stuff in the future.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The seeding of life on earth (extracted from The Twelfth Planet by Zacharia Sitchin)

Writing in the scientific magazine Icarus (September 1973), Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick and Dr. Leslie Orgel advanced the theory that "life on Earth may have sprung from tiny organisms from a distant planet." They launched their studies out of the known uneasiness among scientists over current theories of the origins of life on Earth. Why is there only one genetic code for all terrestrial life? If life started in a primeval "soup," as most biologists believe, organisms with a variety of genetic codes should have developed. Also, why does the element molybdenum play a key role in enzymatic reactions that are essential to life, when molybdenum is a very rare element? Why are elements that are more abundant on Earth, such as chromium or nickel, so unimportant in bio-chemical reactions? The bizarre theory offered by Crick and Orgel was not only that all life on Earth may have sprung from an organism from another planet but that such "seeding" was deliberate - that intelligent beings from another planet launched the "seed of life" from their planet to Earth in a spaceship, for the express purpose of starting the life chain on Earth.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Overcoming the Plateau

In whatever endeavor, you undertake, you will always hit the plateau. The plateau is that state where you feel like you are no longer making progress with whatever process you had started undertaking in the first place.