Monday, 29 January 2018

Thought is more important

The ancient talked about illusory nature of matter and I'm afraid that modern man has misinterpreted the word illusion to mean pointless. But the true meaning as was intended was to emphasize the constantly changing nature of things, that's why they said the physical world or the phenomenal world was an illusion.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Life is Technology

The universe is a software system with hard and fast rules, just like we have the laws of gravity there are the laws of life which if followed will lead us to the greatest fulfillment possible, after contemplating these laws and doing a lot of study in all kinds of esoteric systems and in life itself, I present you with this precious book of mine: Life is Technology. It is my sincerest wish that it benefits you as much as it has done for me.

Friday, 26 January 2018

THE UNIVERSAL OPERATING SYSTEM: The answer to life the universe and everything

The simulation theory of the universe, the theory that states that the entire universe is a computer simulation, has taken the world by storm these days. Many versions of the theory have been promulgated by different individuals from tech titans, philosophers and the general thinking public alike. My theory is quite different from the most popular, which states that the universe is a regular computer simulation running on some kind of Von Neumann computer or quantum computer whichever you like.
I state that space, time and matter are structures executing code! That is, the physical universe which we can observe is actually the lowest level on the abstraction layers that make up the universal computer! Just like the physical electronic circuitry makes possible the abstract software that runs on a computer, the physical universe makes it possible for some software at meta levels to run, the system is in layers and at the highest level of abstraction is the no different than the kinds of software which we use.

The principle of computational equivalence stated by Stephen Wolfram states that all is computation, with the ideas in my book THE UNIVERSAL OPERATING SYSTEM available now on amazon, you will have a new, different and I hope better idea of the nature of Life, the universe and everything. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

T-MAIL (Telepathic Mail) A VSFS (A very short fiction story)

In the not too distant future a new civilization emerges out of the chaos of the current one. A new civilization that does not recognize boundaries of any sort, government and leadership is provided by corporations spread around the globe.

Stop trying to reverse engineer the brain.

The attempt to reverse engineer the human brain as a means to achieve Artificial Intelligence is an exercise in futility. Because of the abundance of computing power, modern researchers seem to be less and less creative than their counterparts in the early times of the 20th century. Everything these days seem to be about getting more data, cleverness and creativity seem to have taken the back seat as brute force approaches appear to be the best solution to every problem.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Remembering Depression

Sometimes we get spontaneous recollection of past events, most of the times these are happy events but sometimes they are things that we would rather forget.

Most of the times when these spontaneous past recollections come to us they take the form of some words, sounds or pictures from the past but most of the time it is just a feeling, completely disconnected from any pictures. 

One way to achieve Interstellar travel

Humanity will eventually need to travel beyond this solar system to other far out systems out there in the universe, this is not a question of if it will be possible but when. To me, Mars is just a temporary landing base, just somewhere we can learn to live outside this planet.